AMC 12 – Grade 11

About This Course

The AMC 12 is a 25-question, 75-minute, multiple-choice examinations in high school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. The contest is run by the Mathematical Association of America. This course provides thorough preparation for the contest and builds problem solving skills based on the entire high school math curriculum.

What you'll learn

  • Trigonometry
  • Counting and probability
  • Number theory
  • Advanced algebra
  • Advanced geometry
  • Practicing past contests

Course Sample Video


Dr. Khodabakhsh Hessami Pilehrood

Dr. Khodabakhsh Hessami Pilehrood is a professional mathematician who got his Bachelor degree in mathematics from Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran, and his Master and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics from Moscow State University.

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Tuition Fees
  • One to One Training $ 40 /Per Hour
  • Group Training (2- 5 Students) $ 20 /Per Hour
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