Math Kangaroo Contest – Grade 7

About This Course

The Math Kangaroo is an international contest aimed to get students aged 7-18 engaged and excited in the subject of math. Students from first through 12th grades are invited to participate in the annual event, which is given on the same day all around the world.

What you'll learn

  • Based on grade level
  • this course provides thorouh preparation for the contest
  • developing problem solving strategies
  • and practicing past contests.

Course Sample Video


Dr. Tatiana Hessami Pilehrood

Dr. Tatiana Hessami Pilehrood is a professional mathematician with over 20 years of experience in teaching and research. She has been passionate about mathematics since her young age.

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Tuition Fees
  • One to One Training $ /Per Hour
  • Group Training (2- 5 Students) $ /Per Hour
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