Computer Science – Grade 11

About This Course

This course introduces students to computer science. Students will design software using industry-standard programming tools and applying the software development life-cycle model. They will also write and use subprograms within computer programs. Students will develop creative solutions for various types of problems as their understanding of the computing environment grows.

What you'll learn

  • Programming Basics
  • Input
  • Output
  • Processing
  • Logical
  • mathematicsl
  • algotithmic strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Data structures.

Course Sample Video


Dr. Tatiana Hessami Pilehrood

Dr. Tatiana Hessami Pilehrood is a professional mathematician with over 20 years of experience in teaching and research. She has been passionate about mathematics since her young age.

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Tuition Fees
  • One to One Training $ 40 /Per Hour
  • Group Training (2- 5 Students) $ 20 /Per Hour
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