Why Pi School?

Pi School is a leader in academic tutoring and coaching, offering on-site and online sessions to students in grades 5-12 in Toronto. We provide result-oriented supplementary education through individualized lesson plans, in depth progress tracking and monitoring system, and effective group midterm and final exam review sessions. All of our in-home and exam prep sessions are delivered by our knowledgeable, caring, and passionate tutors who have extensive knowledge of the ON school curriculum and are committed to excellence.

At Pi School we value quality tutoring and productive learning. We work with students to boost their school grades, as well as help them become confident and motivated self-learners. Our services ensure that students obtain all resources to maximize their academic potential. We believe in delivering excellent services with complete customer satisfaction. With Pi School’s expertise, you know you are in good hands.

We don’t ask your child to review and memorize the same old stuff; we help them build the skills they need to really learn and understand. With Pi School’s programs you’ll be putting an end to the time and expense of hiring a tutor year after year—instead, you’ll be giving your child the skills he or she needs to deal with today’s school struggles, and helping him or her develop thinking and learning skills that will be used for this grade and for every grade.

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